Saturday, December 12, 2015

Respect and Simplexity

David, thank you for this thoughtful, thorough reflection.  You are going to find what I will share next relevant and interesting.  Here in Wisconsin, we have a famous "ranch for wayward" boys called Rawhide.  My friend John Gillespie founded it.  I asked him what accounts for its success; his answer was , "Respect, mutual respect between staff and students."  You and he are "on the same page."

Yes, keep it simple to get it done (Simplexity). I  like very much your ability to self-reflect and share your insights in clear, concise written formats.  You have a gift for writing, and I encourage you to apply it to advance your career.  You deserve it; your readers deserve it even more!  I am proud to have students like you!   Dr. Rux

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