Friday, December 11, 2015

Respect and Develop Yourself

Week 7 - Course Progress Feedback - Dr. Rux 

As we close week seven of our course and enter week eight, our final course week, what strikes me most is your talent.  You combine “lessons learned” from real life with first-class academic application in our course, and the result is a stunning level of professional competence.  To put it simply, you are first-class! 

Yes, in our American culture we are not to brag, we are to be humble, we are supposed to say, “Aw shucks, it wasn’t anything.”  This kind of cultural conditioning is a trap.  It prevents you, us, this writer, from fully owning and appreciating our personal and professional value, achievement, and capacity to make a difference and lead.  Your professor urges each one of you to own your valid, reliable knowledge, and do not apologize for it.  Owning it does not mean “strutting around” in arrogance.  It means we acknowledge that not everybody knows what we know and has done what we have done.  

Your case study plans are stellar proof of your impressive achievements to date; you combine course theory with your own field learning to offer a blend of professional skill which is rare.  This is not “buttering you up” talk.  It is the truth.  I have taught grad students onsite and online since 1996; you are among the best, if not the best, to come my way.  You give me hope for the future; I will be even more hopeful if each one of you accepts and acts on this realistic third-party analysis of your personal, professional worth, unique skills from combining theory and practice, and promising future if you “own,” respect, and continue to develop and apply your impressive God-given gifts.  Your OD plans for this week are outstanding, as is the rest of your work overall. 

Value and nurture yourselves.  We badly need persons like you to lead us through the trying times ahead of us.  Thank you.  Dr. Rux

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