Saturday, December 5, 2015

Focus Please

Heidi, this is thoughtful, thorough, first-class, and simply fascinating!  Thank you for this excellent work product.  I can relate to your discussion of focus, or lack of it.  I wrestle with this also, and I am in the process of "simplifying" my life.  Intelligent, creative people have trouble with focus, for everything  interests us.  Amen.  Yet, we cannot "ride off in all directions at once."  Thank you for this timely reminder.  You have just helped me to reassert focus again.  I had a fabulous career counselor who pointed me in the right direction; because of your reminder here, I am going to hone in on the target again.  Thank you, Heidi, for sharing, and, in the process, helping your professor too!   Keep up your good work!   Dr. Rux

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