Saturday, December 5, 2015

Facing Facts

Melissa, this is excellent - and a delight to read.  Thank you for your consistent valuing of fact-based decision making.  As a science teacher, as you note, you are already grounded in the value of getting the facts and then applying them to decision making.  Yes, there is such a thing as data overload, also called "data dumps."  You are "street smart" to be aware of this and factor it into your OD approach. 

As you know, the crucial step toward fact-based decision making is removing fear from the organization for citing and facing facts.  It seems where you work has taken this fear removal path; hopefully, politics and personalities do  not derail it. 

Also, as Socrates taught, "Know thyself" is our first order of business.  We need to be aware of the paradigms in our heads that shape, select information, facts.  Again, you are aware of this too.  Exactly.  Keep up your good work!   Dr. Rux

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